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How It Works?

After becoming our franchise; you will get your registration details on Email Id. You have to login with that credentials and serve your Customers. while serving the customer for perticular service do following:

  • Make Customer Entry, Collect Documents and payments as mentioned on Portal
  • Issue Work Receipt to Customer
  • Upload Documents & Make Payment on Portal
  • Your work will be verified and processd by us.
  • Download Completed work and issue to the Customer
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Basic Requirements

  • Setup: Computer, Printer, Scanner, Internet & Shop for Business
  • Education: Computer Basic Knowledge Required, Basic undetstanding of english language
  • Other: Capability of make UPI (PhonePe, GooglePay, BHIM) payment Online

How to become Franchise?

  • One Time Franchise Fees: Rs. 5000/-
  • Franchise Validity: Lifetime of Business
  • Required Documents: Aadhar Card, Photo
  • Call to become Franchise

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where will the office be?

You can choose the office location according to your PINCODE. This business is only for Maharashtra.

2. What will be the income?

There is a direct commission on each service. All you have to do is deduct your commission and send the remaining amount for further processing.

3. How to get training?

The portal is very easy to use. You will get training online anydesk. For this you will be called by our executives and your time will be taken and training will be given accordingly.

In addition, you can start your work by watching the demo video yourself.

4. Where to contact in case of difficulty while working?

For this we have provided you the following facilities in 3 ways:

  1. Call 8888457953/8888457952.
  2. Report your query to
  3. Report your query from the tab provided on the portal.
5. How many centers do you have in total?

There are more than 150 centers in Maharashtra so far.

Only 1 franchisee is given to a pincode. In case of City; Only 1 franchise is given in 4 km area.

6. What is the work process?
  • All work will be done online.
  • No documents need to be submit by post or in person.
  • The franchisee does not have to visit any government office on his own.